Dreams That Heal 

Practical Interactive Workshop on Dream-Interpretation

Saturday August 10 2019,

(CPD Points will be awarded)

11am-5pm, Buswells Hotel, Molesworth Street, Dublin

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A one-day Practical Workshop on Dream-Interpretation - led by Ireland’s leading Jungian Psychologist Jasbinder Garnermann 

Sometimes, we find ourselves unable to cope with our lives. Not only does our external life give us hints that something is off kilter, but our inner life starts unravelling as well in the form of depression, anxiety, confusion and loss of meaning.This happens because we are no longer living according to the dictates of our real self.

Very often, the goals we pursue are not authentic. Our needs are often distorted. A radical shift is needed to make us whole again. Our unconscious contains the answers we desperately seek and it is our dreams that communicate these vital solutions to us.

This workshop will focus on how we can harness the transformative power of our dreams to create new foundations within our lives, honouring us both as individuals and as stewards of our world.

Topics for the day:

Blocked Wholeness

Stagnation, transport problems, dammed up streams, paralysis, snakes, lice and nits, obstructions, imprisonment, kidnap, dirty toilets, neglected children, abandonment.

These dreams reveal forbidden and forgotten aspects of ourselves , attitudes to others and complexes that hold us back, blocking us from working with what we have to achieve our full potential.

Symbols From The Deep

Rotting meat, dismemberment, bizarre body parts, rats, mutilated animals, derelict houses, torture, murder, contamination, rats, pornography and perversions.

There is a category of symbols that shock us but it is crucial to work with them, because they contain feelings and fears that go back to our earliest infancy, and that have never had a voice before. This is the voice of the brutalised real self. The real self gets sacrificed in the interests of outer demands, but the psyche feels and depicts this as a catastrophe.

The Real Self

Scenes and people from childhood, childhood pets, a forgotten activity, flowers, colours, gardens, trees, jewels, dreams that restore the richness of the senses, physical enjoyment.

Having courageously embraced the battered and bloody remnants of the infant self, our psyche now begins to trust us and so the treasure within, the real self that had gone into hiding begins to emerge. Our dreams begin to produce the most joyous symbols of this as yet shy and tentative new reality, but as we begin to honour it in our lives, it becomes increasingly enduring.

Symbols of Healing

Freshly baked bread and cakes, nourishing food and drink, kitchens, fires being lit, fountains, clean flowing water, the sea, rain, dawn, the great mother, restoration of houses, birth, vibrant and happy animals, fuel, creation motifs.

These dreams put us back in touch with the source of healing and abundance within us. Life begins to flow again, depressions thaw out, we can draw on the sunny energy of the life-instinct again.


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