The Feminine

Birth of New Psychic Realities 

Practical Interactive Workshop

Saturday March 2

(CPD Points will be awarded)

11am-5pm, Buswells Hotel, Molesworth Street, Dublin

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‘Before God created the world I was there. I played with Him…’

- Pistis Sophia


Because she is the matrix of life, the feminine carries the qualities of love, devotion, tenderness, patience, empathy, compassion and healing. As the Madonna, she personifies these qualities and offers them to all humanity. 

We seek the solace and balm of the feminine throughout our lives, but we seek it in distorted ways, with greed and aggression. The urgent need to integrate the feminine is now stirring in the depths of the collective psyche.

The feminine has the power to move the world. And, because the active, yang energy has attained its apogee, it is now the perfect time for the feminine to come forth and garland the bull. 

This workshop will cover the following:

• Symbols of the Feminine in Myths and Dreams – Personal and Archetypal
• The Negative Feminine
• The Role of the Feminine in the Individuation Process of Men and Women
• The Construction of the Temenos: the Sacred Space for the Feminine.
• The Golden Womb - The Feminine as the Cosmic Matrix

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