About Love

by Innokentii Arseev

Jungian Analyst (MAAP, RSUH)

We talk about love, we sing about it, we write poetry about it - but to find love, and to hold on to it, is quite difficult. Let us turn to the collective wisdom and learn from the experience and advice of those, whose stories represent the essence of love:


1. Advice from Tristan and Isolde: remember that romantic love and passion are different from true love. 


2. Advice from Ruslan and Lyudmila: be ready to make a long journey and to overcome many obstacles.


3. Advice from Romeo and Juliet: be attentive to the real state of the other person.


4. Advice from Prince and Cinderella: trust your intuition and don't stop searching.


5. Advice from Romualdo and Fantaghiro: be bolder at taking initiative.


6. Advice from Emelya and Tsarevna Nesmeyana: cheer each other with amusing jokes.


7. Advice from Philip and Aurora: wake each other with kisses.


8. Advice from Beauty and the Beast: remember, that only the heart is vigilant, and you can't see the most important things just with your eyes.


9. Advice from Eros and Psyche: trust each other.


10. Advice from Ivan Tsarevich and Tsarevna Frog: learn to wait, when it's necessary, and accept the other person just as they are. 




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