Welcome to the Jung Centre. The Jung Centre offers a Certificate Course in Jungian Studies which gives an overview of Jung’s work. The course lays the foundations for an understanding of human psychology and an exploration of the structure of the psyche through the medium of dreams as discovered and developed by C.G.Jung. 

The Jung Centre was founded in 1990 with the guidance and inspiration of Sir Laurens van der Post, diplomat and friend of Jung, and author of ‘C.G.Jung: His Myth in Our Time’. Sir Laurens’s profound understanding of the shift in consciousness that Jung pioneered in the West continues to be the guiding principle for our work today. 

Since its foundation twenty years ago, the Jung Centre is pleased to have graduated between ten and fifteen students each year. The students have come from a wide variety of backgrounds – nurses, doctors, religious orders, media workers, teachers, social workers, mothers, housewives, business executives, engineers, academics, solicitors etc. And all of them have been exceptional individuals with the courage and ability to question collective assumptions and contribute greatly to society by forging new values for their time.


Of course, as Jung emphasized, this crucial work can only be accomplished through personal transformation and the willingness to own our complexes, projections and shadow aspects. Jung pioneered an in-depth system of dream interpretation which enables us to access the hidden depths of the unconscious and its treasures. 

The aim of this course is to facilitate the participants to become the carriers of consciousness for their time, as Jung and other great man and women have been for theirs. 


Benefits of the Course

Self-knowledge brings about changes in attitude and life-style, relationships to others and a different view of the world. Not only can the student benefit individually but they can also influence by example. so whether you are in the caring professions, teaching, business or media, to name a few possibilities, all changes for the better start with the individual.
Studying Jungian psychology will open up a whole field of fresh ideas and thought to which the Self will respond with creative dreams and a new sense of meaning and purpose.
The first step to find meaning in life to to know yourself and this can be truly achieved by exploring your unconscious to confront complexes and explore the potentials and possibilities that lie hidden and obscured by defences. Obstacles that once appeared insurmountable will be seen as challenges and your attitude to life will become optimistic.

Course Structure

The one year Certificate course gives an overview of Jung’s work. The course gives students the opportunity to study Jung’s work in detail and to follow the path of individuation.

The Certificate course consists of the study of Jung’s psychology as a way of exploring the unconscious and the reality beyond the personal. It is a study of the field of consciousness – the goal of which is spiritual awareness. Inner growth initiates a paradigm shift in consciousness which allows the individual to step into a higher reality and is achieved through developing an objective witness to the process of individuation. Dreams supply that impartial witness and allow us to become actively involved in the process. Therefore the focus of the course is on the interpretation of dreams and dream symbols. 

The goal of the Certificate course is to give students a thorough grounding in Jungian psychology. The concepts to be explored are consciousness, the unconscious and the archetypes including the ego, shadow, persona, anima, animus and Self. Dream theory, complexes, typology and myth play a key role. 


Dates & Fees

To Register for this course a deposit of €400 is payable through PayPal using Credit or Debit cards. You can also pay via cheque or electronic transfer. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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