Active Imagination

Interactive Workshop

Saturday June 24,

(CPD Points will be awarded)

11am-5pm, Jurys Inn, Anderson's Quay, Cork City

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Programme for the day:

Writing a Fairy Tale

Use your imagination to write a fantasy story. Then look back to see how it echoes the dynamics of the unconscious by interpreting the symbols.

Developing Intuition

Intuition is the closest we get to being in touch with the unconscious without dreaming. We will explore various techniques to develop intuition.

Active Imagination

Active imagination is similar to dreaming yet one is awake and the symbols encountered have the same psychic significance as dream symbols.


Self-portraits have traditionally been the way artists see their true selves. Reflecting on your image will reveal how you see yourself.


Mandalas originated in India as an aid to meditation. Create a visual image of your psychic state by drawing a mandala. CPD Points will be awarded for this event.

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