Boundary & Space 

Practical Workshop

Saturday August 11,

(CPD Points will be awarded)

11am-5pm, Buswells Hotel, Molesworth Street, Dublin

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A one-day Practical Workshop - led by Ireland’s leading Jungian Psychologist Jasbinder Garnermann 

Combining Jungian depth-psychology and object-relations theory gives us great precision in understanding the psyche as transcendent reality and also the building blocks of its developmental history.

In this workshop we will explore the marvel of how we are knitted together from the original chaos of beta elements to the experience of exultant Selfhood. 

Moreover this achievement is not a once-off only but comes into play each time new psychological territory is to be navigated. Diving time and again into the subterranean depths we recover the lost treasure of our unique narrative and become whole again. 


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