Advice About Eternal Youth

by Innokentii Arseev

Jungian Analyst (MAAP, RSUH)

Our advisors are the inhabitants of the collective unconscious, keepers of the treasury of universal wisdom. These are the characters from fairytales, myths and legends - some of them are familiar to you and some you will meet for the first time. But all of them, as the author of this article, wish for you to live a full, fruitful and happy life! 

1.Advice from the Little Humpbacked Horse: dive into the milk of children's joy, boiling water of youth ardour and cold water of mature judiciousness.

2. Advice from Ivan Tsarevich and Grey Wolf: trust your intuition and dare to take a risk.

3. Advice from Peter Pan: remember your dreams and search for adventures.

4. Advice from Fairies: spend more time in nature, listen to music, sing and dance.  

5. Advice from Demetri: you should regularly drink the ambrosia of healthy lifestyle. 

6. Advice from Saint-Germain: travel, try different occupations and communicate with interesting people. 

7. Advice from Idun: eat more fruits. 

8. Advice from Nicolas Flamel: study, explore, experiment. 

9. Advice from Masao: fall in love, help others, share what you've gained.

10. Advice from the Miller of Avar: live in peace and harmony with yourself and others




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