The Palace of Dreams

Interactive one-day Workshop

Sunday October 29,

(CPD Points will be awarded)

11am-5pm, Buswells Hotel, Molesworth Street, Dublin

Book tickets now - €120


Fairytales reflect collective experience; they embody archetypes, which direct our life,  affect our decisions, and inspire us to act - sometimes in very weird and unpredictable ways.

During this training, we will explore the influence of archetypes on our daily life, our choices, and our desires. Through contact with the fairytale characters we will discover the nature of our inner blocks and hidden resources. This training is based on the unique board game, created by Russian psychologist Nadezhda Ognenko. 

This training will allow you to:

  • Analyze your desires and dreams

  • Explore the unconscious nature of obstacles, which stop you from fulfilling your wishes

  • Find a new perspective of your life and understand what could help you to move on

  • Learn more about archetypes and Russian mythology

Training includes:

  • Playing the board game "Palace of dreams"

  • Group discussions

  • Psychological exercises  

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