Temperance XIV 

One-Day Workshop on The Tarot

Saturday September 30,

(CPD Points will be awarded)

11am-5pm, Buswells Hotel, Molesworth Street, Dublin

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Workshop Summary

Jung said that when we walk the path of enlightenment, which he called Individuation, we find an unshakeable truth, a foundation for our lives; we become rooted in a larger life that gives us resilience, endurance and meaning in the face of the changes and the vicissitudes of life. The lessons of Temperance XIV give us the ability to blend the different aspects of Life together, so that our actions are connected in a real and meaningful way to the world and to the Eternal.

To change our idea of the world is at the core of shamanic teachings. The ego is only a small part of our experience as human beings, but we take it to be the entirety and whole truth of our existence. Whenever we change our idea of the world extraordinary facets of ourselves surface that have been kept heavily guarded. Like the alchemists of old we enter into a different order of reality and we encounter our integral archetypal character beyond the stereotyping of the ego-personality; this Spirit Personality usually remains asleep during our lives unless roused by some form of intense self-reflection or spiritual activity. Here in Temperance XIV it has awakened and we will look more closely at its structure using the wisdom teachings of the Tarot, shamanic teachings and Jungian psychology. In particular we will explore the human energetic light body sometimes called the aura.

'All through your life, the most precious experiences seem to vanish. Transience turns everything to air; you look behind and see no sign even of a yesterday that was so intense. Yet in truth, nothing ever disappears, nothing is lost. Everything that happens to us in the world passes into us.
It all becomes part of the inner temple of the soul and it can never be lost. This is the art of the soul: to harvest your deeper life from all the seasons of your experience. This is probably why the soul never surfaces fully. The intimacy and tenderness of its light would blind us. We continue in our days to wander between the shadowing and the brightening, while all the time a more subtle brightness sustains us. If we could but realize the sureness around us, we would be much more courageous in our lives. The frames of anxiety that keep us caged would dissolve. We would live the life
we love and in that way, day by day, free our future from the weight of regret.'

- John O'Donoghue Beauty

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