The Voices of Dreams

Certificate in Dream Interpretation

Six Monday Evenings starting June 12,

(CPD Points will be awarded)

led by Jasbinder & William Garnermann

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CPD Points will be awarded for this event

Read Jasbinder's Book on the Transforming Power of Dreams - Song of The Soul:

‘As we wander ever further into the materialist desert that our civilization has become, our dreams are the only oases of spiritual vitality left to us. They represent a primordial habitat, our last wilderness, and we must protect them with as much fervor as the rain forests, the ozone layer, the elephant, and the whale' 

- Anthony Stevens, The Two Million-Year-Old Self.

Day I

 The paleolithic world of dreams. Redressing the imbalance of our culture. Why do we dream? How to remember your dreams.

Day II

 Levels of dreaming. Types of dreams. Dream symbols and how to interpret them.


 Anxiety dreams. Solving everyday worries and problems through the perspective of dreams.

Day IV

 Compensation dreams. Adjusting conscious attitudes for 'perfectly balanced action'.

Day V

 During times of great crisis when our personal resources fail, the archetypes of our inner healer come to our aid. They give us access to the wisdom, strength, and healing that will knit the dismembered parts of the self back together.

Day VI

 Individuation and destiny.  Giving meaning to life through the guidance of dreams.

At every step of the way participants are invited to discuss and interpret their dreams. 

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