Working with Dreams 

One-day Practical Workshop on Dream-Interpretation

Saturday May 18 2019,

(CPD Points will be awarded)

11am-5pm, Buswells Hotel, Molesworth Street, Dublin

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A one-day Practical Workshop on Dream-Interpretation - led by Ireland’s leading Jungian Psychologist Jasbinder Garnermann 

There is another even more exciting aspect to dream symbols, that is, that each symbol has an intrinsic energy of it’s own, termed numinosity. This is like saying that the psyche is not a closed system. When we are caught in a vicious circle of guilt or despair or anxiety we often feel trapped because it seems that only an external change will bring fresh energy. However, through our dream-symbols we have access to energy that is outside our complexes and neuroses. Because of the inherent pull of the symbol (like a magnet) it first of all draws our libido out of its uroboric self-obsession, frees it and then redirects it towards fresh meaning. We experience a re-energizing and transformation on every level of being.

Topics for the day:

Shadow Dreams

Sinister Strangers, Fires, Break-ins, Muggings, Attacks, Sexual Perversions, Conflicts, Battles, Riots, Ferocious Animals, Darkness.

Shadow dreams symbolize our own dark side, which we spend our lives denying. However, it means we cannot function as whole persons and our energies are fragmented in conflict. Working with these dreams heals our deepest wounds, and transforms them into inspiration.

Complexes in dreams

Falling, Flying, Drowning, Sinking, Getting Stuck, Running out of Petrol, Parental Figures, Authority Figures, Trapped and Injured Animals, Addictions, Phobias and Neuroses, Water, Trees, Snakes, Buses, Trains, Ships.

We all have complexes. They are determined by our earliest relationships and experiences. They affect our relationships and determine how we cope with life. They trap us in grooves of perception and behaviour over which we have little control. Through our dreams, our psyche pushes us into confronting our complexes. By resolving them, we release incredible energy for inner and outer achievement.

Masculine & Feminine in Dreams

Cats, Dogs, Bulls, Moon, Sun, Kings & Queens, Persons known and unknown, Policemen, Soldiers, Prostitutes, Celebrities, The Great Mother, Wise Old Men.

Each man has an inner woman and each woman has an inner man. While our connection to these is still unconscious we develop in a distorted way with no balance between the masculine and feminine within us. But by developing our own contra-sexual side, we gain access to the strengths and qualities of the other gender. In this way we live in harmony with our inner masculine and feminine and also with other men and women.

Individuation Dreams

Cross-Roads, Mountains, Long Journeys, Trees, Stones, Mandalas, Jewels, Castles, Luminous Colours, Water, Wind, Guides, The Voice of The Inner Self.

These are also called Big Dreams. They come at times of transition – adolescence, marriage, childbirth, mid-life, illness, death and bereavement – when our personal resources fail us. Vivid, numinous, thrilling, they come from the Self, the archetype of wholeness, at the core of the psyche. By shifting the focus from the ego to the Self, Big Dreams give us a new centre of gravity. No longer are we the passive victims of overwhelming odds, outer and inner, but we become the masters of our destiny, because we are no longer at loggerheads with our true nature. Now we can function with the force of our whole personality behind us – conscious, unconscious, and superconscious are in alignment.


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